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Dedicated Civil Rights Lawyer, Raphael Davis-Williams

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If you have a reason to believe your rights have been violated, consult with The Law Office of Spater & Davis-Williams. This law office litigates cases involving housing, employment, and disability discrimination, as well as other civil rights issues.

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Firm History

Learn more about the tough, no-nonsense advocacy of Spater & Davis-Williams and the office’s history (hyperlink) and founder, Ohio Civil Rights Hall of Fame Inductee Sandy Spater.

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The Law Office of Spater & Davis-Williams, LLC

Owner/solo practitioner Raphael Davis-Williams co-founded The Law Offices of Spater & Davis-Williams, LLC in 2012 with the late Sandy Spater.  Mr. Davis-Williams is a zealous civil rights lawyer committed to protecting your rights. If you have been denied housing, employment, or access to public accommodations or have experienced discrimination or harassment, trust Spater & Davis-Williams to diligently fight on your side to right these wrongs. Spater & Davis-Williams also handles wrongful termination, police misconduct, and school bullying claims.

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