Representative Cases


  • Wells v. Rhodes, et al. Plaintiffs William and Priscilla Wells and their children, who are all African-American, brought this action to recover damages arising from the discovery of a charred cross on the lawn of their home in a rural area of Marengo, Ohio, on the morning of March 3, 2011. READ MORE
  • Farley v. Smith, et al. Plaintiff Timothy Farley, is a person with disabilities as defined under the Fair Housing Act. His psychiatrist recommended Mr. Farley get a comfort animal, a/k/a emotional support animal, to mitigate the symptoms of his disabilities. READ MORE
  • Ragland v. EZ Home Solutions Group, LLC, et al. Plaintiff Rita Ragland filed this action against EZ Home Solutions Group, LLC and Christopher Martin because Martin denied Ms. Ragland’s reasonable accommodation request to be released early from her rental lease agreement due to medical disabilities. READ MORE


  • Frazier v. Richland Pub. Health, et al. Plaintiff Jennifer Frazier began working for Richland Public Health, a combined city/county health district, in October 2000 in the Environmental Health division. READ MORE
  • Mahaffey v. Dept. of Youth Services, Circleville Juvenile Correctional Fac. Appellant Tim Mahaffey was removed from his Operations Administrator position at the Ohio Department of Youth Services Circleville Juvenile Correctional Facility; essentially based on the allegation that Mahaffey improperly released a youth under the care and custody of the Department of Youth Services. READ MORE
  • Ross v. City of Dublin Plaintiff Michael Ross alleges that Defendant City of Dublin, Ohio discriminated on the basis of race when it disciplined him with a ten-day suspension. Plaintiff also alleges that Dublin constructively discharged him. READ MORE


  • Maxwell v. Chillicothe Police Dept., et al. Plaintiff Barry Maxwell is a 52-year old disabled Veteran suffering from several mental and physical maladies. Plaintiff Maxwell’s physical disabilities include paralysis on the right side of his body from the waist up as a result of neck and spine injuries suffered in a 2008 motorcycle crash. READ MORE
  • White v. Karnes, et al. Plaintiff Caleb T. White has Type 1 diabetes. Mr. White was sentenced in Franklin County Municipal Court to serve ten (10) days in the Franklin County Correctional Center for driving under the influence of a pain medication. READ MORE
  • Gray v. Kashubeck, et al. Plaintiff Kenneth Gray brings this civil rights action against employees of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office alleging that the FCSO maintains an official policy, practice or custom of deliberate indifference to the requirement that all inmates in their custody be tested for tuberculosis; READ MORE


  • Baublit v. East Knox Local School Dist. The parents of a Sixth Grader enrolled in the East Knox Local School District brought this civil action against the school district for failing to enforce its established policy that expressly prohibited the harassment and/or bullying of students. READ MORE
  • Weiler v. New Boston Local Schools The parents of a Tenth Grader enrolled in the New Boston Local School District appeal the decision of the New Boston Local Schools School Board which upheld a five (5) day out of school suspension of their son, accusing him of being the “aggressor” in a fight. READ MORE